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note1 A Notary Public is an attorney who has passed a specialised exam in order to perform the functions of a notary public, which specifically includes the preparation and witnessing of certain types of specialised documents for use internationally, deeds for registration in various public offices, antenuptial contracts and powers of attorney, the administering of oaths, witnessing signatures on affidavits, statutory declarations, the certification of copied documents, and the preparation of Apostille’s which are required for the authentication of documents in terms of the Hague Convention.

Some of our services include:

greenPowers of attorney greenNotarial bonds
greenNotarial ties greenAntenuptial contracts
greenUsufructs greenServitudes
greenLong and short term lease agreements greenAuthenticating copies of documents
greenWill and Trust Preparation greenLegalizing documents for use abroa .............
note1 Bureaucratic hurdles can bog down registering items such as goods and services for trademarks, or inventions and designs as patents. The law firm of Matsanura & Associates can help companies or individuals navigate the process quickly and efficiently. We will help you expedite the paperwork and forms necessary to process the registration including forms of specification. The firm will protect your rights as the inventor or assignee of the invention at issue. Hussein Ranchhod & Co. is experienced in working with PCT and non-PCT applications, and can assist you with the search reports to assure you there are no substantially similar products or services to interfere with your application process.

We are also able to help international firms or individuals doing business in Zimbabwe receive intellectual property protection through the Africa Regional Intellectual Property Office (ARIPO), located in Harare. The ARIPO accepts registrations for trademarks in 9 different countries in Africa, and for Patents, Industrial Designs and Utility Models, 18 African countries. For help with registration of patents, trademarks and designs, or issues arising from registering, contact Hussein Ranchhod & Co. We can assist companies and individuals from around the globe in need of intellectual property help in Zimbabwe
note1 At Matsanura & Associates we have extensive experience in matters of estate administration We have guided many people and families through estate matters while developing a strong reputation among our clients, peers and local court staff. If you have been designated as an estate executor or personal representative, the thought of administering your loved one's entire estate can be daunting — but you do not have to. Our team will represent your interests and oversee your case with the utmost respect and transparency.

Every probate is unique, but most involve the following steps::

greenFiling of a petition greenNotice to heirs.
greenPetition to appoint an Executor greenInventory and an appraisal of estate assets
greenPayment of estate debts to rightful creditors greenSale of estate assets.
greenPayment of estate taxes greenDistribution of assets to heirs


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